Now, it is time to manually test your ICO Smart Contract. The scenario of testing as the below:

  • Send 1 ETH from your wallet to IcoContract Address
  • Receive the Token in your wallet

Sending a transaction

Open your Metamask, click Send button. Paste the address of IcoContact to *Recipient Address textbox, and type 1 to Amount box. Click Next**

Note: the address in the image above is not same with your address, please use your IcoContract address that you got from your deployment step

Enter Gas limit = 200.000, Gas Price = 21 Gwei. Click Submit

If the transaction is success. You will see the screen as the below:

Checking ERC20 Token in your wallet

Now we need to check how many tokens we received from the transaction above. At the first, we click Tokens tab in Metamask and click Add Token

Paste your IcoToken Address to Token Contract Address textbox, click Add

Finally, you see the ERC20 token you have in your wallet